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White wines

The special microclimate of this region, with hot summer days and fresh nights at vintage time, makes sure that the grapes reach maturity with a high sugar content. The light and gravelly soils, containing deal of minerals, provide these wines with strong character and incomparable typicality and elegance.

This is why the vine-growers of the Valle Isarco have specialized in the cultivation of white grapes.

Unlike with red wine vinification, where the skins are left to ferment together with the must, during white wine vinification, only the must is allowed to ferment in order to transform the sugar into alcohol.

Only three of the nine whites produced by the Cantina Valle Isarco winery come exclusively from the southernmost “registered designation of origin” (DOC) area of Valle Isarco and bear the “Alto Adige” DOC mark (Alto Adige Pinot Bianco, Alto Adige Chardonnay, Alto Adige Sauvignon), while all the others can also boast the “Alto Adige Valle Isarco DOC” designation.

Has been supplying Cantina Valle Isarco with grapes for the last 50 years.